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    Wondering when an announcement will be made?

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    How will you be notified concerning being accepted as a speaker?

    • Ms. Smikle
      Ms. Smikle said 5 hours ago

      I believe e-mail, is what was stated in their directions

    • Mrs. Scott
      Mrs. Scott said 1 hour ago

      have you been notified?

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    Hi, Wondering about the selections of Edmodo con.....waiting with a lot of excitement!!

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    feel excited with Edmodo Conference 2016! :)

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    How are things going with the proposal selection? Very excited--- On pin and needles

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    Is there a way to get another copy of my certificate from Edmodocon last year?

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    I can't wait to find out if I was selected to speak at EdmodoCon!!! (wish I could add a smiley face-)

    • Ms. Smikle
      Ms. Smikle said Apr 22, 2016

      Me too🙂🙂🙂the wait is killing me... Hope to meet you there!!! Good luck

    • Mrs. Scott
      Mrs. Scott said Apr 25, 2016

      yes do look me up. We will make it!!

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    Buenas tardes a todos!!! Soy la responsable de haber traido Edmodo a las escuelas de la Provincia de Mendoza en la República Argentina.
    Estoy feliz de pertenecer a esta gran comunidad

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    • Mrs. TESTONI
      Mrs. TESTONI said Apr 12, 2016

      Muy bien !! Luego de tres años hemos conseguido que Edmodo sea la plataforma educativa oficial del.colegio Andino de mendoza

    • Mrs. TESTONI
      Mrs. TESTONI said Apr 12, 2016

      He ayudado a otros colegios a conocer y autilizar edmodo !!

    • Francisco Estrada
      Francisco Estrada said Apr 13, 2016

      Soy de la ciudad de México y también espero que continúe a nivel Zona escolar.

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